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Earlier this month, when we were compiling the new “Top New Talent” newsletter one of the featured Freelancers really stood out. It was a colourful  and diverse individual called Lucy who, amongst her many talents on PPH, is a  fashion designer. We had to speak to her to find out more…

Please introduce yourself to community: what is your name, skills and interests…

My name is Lucy C Eggleton. I am a Knitwear and concept Designer. I have a very hands on approach designing, knitting, styling, art directing and often dabble in photography and photoshop manipulation.

I am interested in the creation of Fashion and art as one. I do not see myself as a strict Fashion Designer. I am conceptual and above all I believe in the story at the time and twists of darkness or humour and surrealism always inspire me. A huge blogger and constant researcher. Strong characters and interest in unusual materials always fascinate my work. I love shiny, metallic and plastic materials too.

— Fringe dress, Convex, Concave, The House Of Rave Collection 2011

First of all, can you talk us through some of the designs in your portfolio, what inspired them? For example tell me about “Fringe dress Convex, Concave, The House of Rave Collection 2011”. Was this inspired by a particular scene, club or movement?

The Fringe dress was inspired by movement. I wanted to create a dress that appears quite beautiful and innocent but becomes darker and heavier towards the back of the dress. I love  heavy garments that feel strong on the body. The feeling of the collection is kaleidoscopic and quite techno loud.

I wanted to create a bunch of circus/house of fun inspired characters. A little surreal and playful. Compelling and magical, but a little twisted too. The kaleidoscopic settings I created enhance the feeling of humour and distortion. Musical and playful, an abundance of fun!

I wanted to ask about how you present your work: “Line Up” for example seems as much a piece of art in itself, with the hand patterns behind your actual designs. Is this presentation as much part of the piece as the design itself for you?

For me it is all about the entire creative process. Everything from the yarns I choose, the designs I make, the props, the make up, styling, how the model behaves in front of the camera. They are all totally vital and I like to create the entire story as if I were creating a film or illustrating a book.

We noticed from your PPH portfolio you’ve recently collaborated with band Efterklang, what was cross-discipline work like?

Working with Efterklang was fun! A very random meeting after a concert in Philadelphia led Natasha and I to the Efterklang knitwear project. We collaborated very well and I feel that we have such equally strong aesthetics and really understood how to create a fun collection together. They really are the nicest boys with a beautifully diverse and unique sound. It was an honour to create jumpers especially for them 🙂

Your profile mentions a quite interesting set of influences. If you were to introduce Gareth Pugh, Junya Watanabe, Bernhard Willhelm to people who weren’t familiar with their work what one piece by each of them would you point people to?

First of all, I would say, just go and see all their work from the past to the present. Each Designer is unique and twists and changes their story telling and concepts every season. They know how to push the boundaries through their own unique vision, whether it be to add humour, to sculpt fashion as if it were architecture or to shock. They have a clear aesthetic and they do not compromise their ideas. They create wearable art and I love them for that. Bernhard and Junya in particular. Their work moves me on so many levels. Designers who work with an artistic and tactile approach, turn ideas on their side and upside down always excite me.

You’re a PPH Gold member and have registered in quite a broad range of bidding categories (“Brochure Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography, fashion, music videography…”), do you feel you bring your diverse range of influences brings something to the work you can bid on?

I believe that I have many creative qualities. I have a broad and artistic spectrum of skills. I like to engage myself in all areas of creativity. To explore and push ideas, to keep learning. I think with my focus on many areas in the arts, this makes me a skilled and adaptable Designer.

What have you got coming up in the future we should know about?

I am about to collaborate on some Knitwear with Menswear Designers Agi & Sam and also I have another collaboration with Natasha. We are working on a Knitwear Exhibition exploring the colour white and techno white fibres. The exhibition will be showcased in London later this Summer. I am sure I have many more projects in the pipe lines. You will just have to wait and see…

Martin, — PeoplePerHour team

Xenios is the Founder & CEO of PeoplePerHour. He is a thought leader for the burgeoning on-demand economy, changes to the labour market and entrepreneurship at large. In this role Xenios has appeared numerous times on BBC News, Bloomberg, CNN, ABC and has been interviewed hundreds of times by major publications including Forbes, the Financial Times, Entrepreneur, Business Insider.
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