CEO Update from Xenios: Lessons from Mr. T, Hire Me Widget, and More!

Hello PPHers,

It’s been another busy month with lots of new things introduced. In this month’s highlights we spice up our marketplace news with an exclusive Seller Tips video from Mr. T impersonator John L. who got over 25,000 views on YouTube, PPHer Steve Folland’s latest video masterpiece and more.

1) Lessons from Mr T: this Hourlie got 25,000 views on YouTube!

It’s been almost 12 months since we launched Hourlies and one thing that doesn’t stop amazing Team PPH is the creativity that we see from Sellers every single day in what they’ll do to earn extra income.

This Hourlie by John L., offering you a Mr. T personalised greeting, not only sold 82 times but got a whopping 25,000 views on YouTube! Check it out, not bad for £10 is it?

We reached out to Mr. T for some words of wisdom on how to create a viral video. Watch the video above for his tips for PPH Sellers (also summarised in bullet points below).

  • Make it funny and wacky
  • Record yourself
  • Upload it to YouTube, share it with friends
  • Paste it on Facebook
  • Tweet it regularly, even once a day

2) New Hire Me widget:  helping you promote yourself and win more work at zero fees! 

The Hire Me widget below can be easily pasted on your blog, website or anywhere on the web and drive awareness of your profile.

All you need to do is go to the Sellers menu at the top, click on Promote Yourself and select the Hire Me widget option. You then simply make your choices and copy and paste the code in your blog or website.

Any work you get from new Buyers who arrive at PPH through your widget will bear zero commission. So you get the benefit of working through PPH and improving your ranking at zero cost!

Here are a couple of great examples from two of our Sellers who have embedded the widget on their sites: Phill Shaw and Danielle McGaw

 philshaw danielle

3)  The PPH Startup Show video is out !

And speaking of videos – PPHer comedian, radio presenter and video producer legend Steve Folland has created yet another masterpiece. The below video is from a compilation of moments at last month’s Business Startup Show where PPH, ermmm… put on a show ! 🙂

4) Download our latest Android App!

This month we launched the latest version of the PPH Android App which brings it up to par with our iOS App. With the new app you can now:

  • Post a Job
  • Browse Jobs and Send proposals
  • Post an Hourlie
  • Buy An Hourlie
  • Manage all your messages and work on the go

5) Our referral scheme just got pumped up!

Many PPH advocates have been asking us for a referral scheme for a while now so they can benefit from referring new users to the site.

We’ve now launched a referral scheme that makes it easy for you to invite friend and make money whenever someone joins. In the past you could send these invites by email, but now we’ve added easy functionality for you to copy and paste a simple URL that will send anyone to PPH.  So you can easily post that on your social networks or anywhere else, and earn money while you grow your reputation and community on PPH!

Stay tuned for next month’s newsletter when we’ll have a more detailed update on the marketplace performance, and how Seller earnings have evolved since we introduced Hourlies a year ago!

In the meantime, enjoy the great weather while it lasts!

Kind Regards,


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