Celebrate Your Customer Service Team

Your customer service team has a direct impact on your customer’s satisfaction and loyalty. Recognition and rewards are powerful tools to engage your service team and also reinforce culture. The need for appreciation is a fundamental human need, your employees will respond positively to the recognition of the role they play because it affirms their work is valued. Celebrating your customer service team has a lot of benefits, not just for the employees, but the customers and the business as well. Here are 5 reasons why you should celebrate your customer service team.

1. Improved Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is the extent to which your employees feel passionate about their jobs and are committed to the success of your business. Recognition is a factor that affects employee engagement – when employees feel valued for the work they do, it gives them a sense of purpose, improves self-confidence, and increases the repetition of the behaviour they are being celebrated for.

Celebrating your customer service team, whenever they’ve done something positive, goes a long way in boosting morale.

The employees will begin to feel like they are a crucial part of the company’s success, this gives them a sense of purpose and they will look forward to contributing even more.

Celebrate success

2. Increased Productivity

Employees who are engaged and happy are more productive. Research by the Workplace Research Foundation revealed that 38% of highly engaged employees are likely to have above average productivity. If that is not enough to amaze you, consider this statistic from a study of 1500 employees by Dale Carnegie:

“Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by 202%”

This means that If employees are recognized and celebrated when they do a great job, it not only drives them to keep up the behaviour but also motivates other members of the team to improve their game, so they can be celebrated in the future.

Besides that, If customers patronize your business daily, you should really make out time to celebrate your customer service team for working hard to ensure the customers leave happy and satisfied.

3. Reduced Employee Attrition

Customer service is a challenging career, your service team has to answer questions, resolve problems, deal with angry customers, make a good impression, and act friendly at all times. It’s no surprise that the customer service industry has a high churn rate.

Having to recruit new employees frequently increases the cost of running your business. Think about the costs of actually recruiting, the manpower and productivity that would be lost conducting interviews, then training (logistics and feeding), not to mention the lost experience the former employees had.

Celebrating your service team communicates to them that they are valued. When employees feel valued and taken care of, they are likely to stay longer. This also saves you the cost of recruiting and training new staff.

4. It Reinforces Customer Service Values

Rewarding and recognizing positive behaviour is a good tool for reinforcing customer service ideals or promoting a customer-focused culture. You can celebrate employees who have been commended by customers, or those special ones, who have gone above and beyond their functions to make ensure a customer is satisfied.

Recognizing such behaviour endorses it and encourages other employees to model, and adopt it. Celebrating your service team opens up an opportunity for reinforcing desired customer service traits or promoting the values of a customer-centric culture.

celebrate employees - thumbs up

5. It Also Improves Customer Satisfaction

If your employees are not engaged and are simply working to earn a living, I can bet that the quality of service at your business will be at best – average. When employees are engaged, productive and feel valued, it is noticeable in the way they interact with your customers.

Engaged employees have an emotional attachment to their work, and they will go above and beyond their roles to achieve desired goals. This enthusiasm is easily noticeable by customers who the employees interact with. Such employees make the necessary effort to provide good service or even exceed the customer’s’ expectations, and by so doing, influences the buying decision of the customers positively.

A study by Washington State University revealed that customer satisfaction is directly linked to employee satisfaction and that financial success is directly linked to customer satisfaction.

Happy Customers = Happy Employees; what affects one, will affect the other. The excitement of an engaged employee is contagious and will rub off on the customer.

Celebrating your customer service team shouldn’t be too expensive, there are a lot of creative ways you can reward & recognize employees without breaking the bank.

About the Author:

Kelechi - celebrate employee successKelechi Okeke is a Customer Experience Analyst, he helps businesses develop strategies that improve customer loyalty and enhance profitability. He is also a customer service trainer, content writer and graphic designer at CXService360.

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