Achieve financial freedom and work SMART

We all want to become financially independent but why do so few of us actually get there?  Well….a key reason is that we often like to think things will just happen, but the reality is that it starts with a detailed plan and a strong commitment to deliver that plan! To help you get off to a good start towards financial freedom and working smarter, here are 7 tips:

1. Want it More than you are Afraid of it!

The reality is that you have to want it enough and by this, I mean, the reality is that you will have to make changes to get to a point of financial freedom and sadly, it does not happen overnight.  Pick an attainable goal and take small, measured steps to get you there…don’t go from ‘boom to bust’ and wonder why you failed…there is a lot of truth in the story about the Hare and the Tortoise!

A couple of essential things to consider are:

  • Decide what financial freedom/stability means to you – not to your favourite person that you like to follow on Instagram or Facebook!
  • Be honest about your current financial situation.
  • Consider the obstacles in your path; be honest and don’t bury them deep and then be surprised when they hit you in the face!
  • Have a series of goals and milestones that will indicate you are headed in the right direction.
  • What will you give up, to get where you want to go?
Achieve financial freedom and work SMART - Taryn - Business Coach

2. Always Keep Your Business Moving Forwards

If you can consistently increase your business income, whilst maintaining your personal spending level, you will get to where you want to get to a lot quicker!  What do we mean by this?  Always spend less than you earn until you reach your goal and then start enjoying it when you get there!

Competitors and new businesses in your arena will always likely be increasing their game or starting up, therefore always keep your skills fresh and ahead of the rest; never rest on your laurels as becoming complacent will not enable you to continually move forwards!

Investing in yourself will always be a good return on investment, especially if you are your business!  Be this investing in a business coach/mentor, a new skills course, free seminars etc.  All these developmental investments will pay off in the long run.

Another great way to enable your business to move forward is to continually ask your client base for feedback – be this free surveys, telephone calls etc., the feedback will prove invaluable.

You can take this to the next level by asking them and indeed, prospective clients, how you could better serve them in the future.  What will they be looking to buy/invest in next? Can you potentially ‘serve’ them in this?!  The more you can help them, the quicker you will reach ‘your’ financial freedom!

Refocus Your Goals Regularly

You will need to be fully committed to your plan and it sounds basic but ensure your plan is written down and not just ‘in your head’!  If your ultimate goal is to become financially independent, you don’t want to become side-tracked part way, by this I mean if your income starts increasing more rapidly, don’t suddenly start spending more and saving less – focus on your long-term goal.

Review your long-term goals annually and this will keep you focused on your ultimate goal of gaining financial freedom!


“I’ll start saving money, after I have bought……….., which I have always wanted/really need!”….. how many times have you honestly said this?

The best way to reach your financial goals is to always be saving money!  If you don’t have enough money to save now, then you quite simply need to increase your income, reduce your spending or the best option….both!

I would highly recommend setting up a personal and a business budget and review both of these monthly.  Be critical of yourself…where did you overspend?  Where did you underspend?  How could you improve your spending next month?  Are you investing in the right areas for right now in your business?

Never let excuses stand in your way!

Achieve financial freedom and work SMART - Taryn - Business Coach

5. Get out of Debt and Create an ‘Emergency Fund’

A key priority should be getting out of any high interest or long standing debt.  Leveraging debt can be a good thing when in a financially stable position however if debt is costing you a huge amount in interest, you need to clear it as soon as possible.

Once cleared, you can then look at investing in an ‘emergency fund’; this is a ‘buffer’ to ensure your financial freedom!  It should be one of your first priorities, as it will support you if you go through periods where things get tough or a bit tight. If you don’t have an emergency fund, you don’t have flexibility!

6. Invest, Invest, Invest

What is investment? Simply put, it is about using your money, to make more money – doesn’t sound too bad, does it!  The larger your investment portfolio becomes, the quicker you will achieve that financial freedom, you strive for.

Once you have paid off debts and have an emergency fund in place, investment should be what you are working towards; the more you increase your income, the more you can invest!

Always invest, no matter what the market is doing!  Look at our changing times globally now, markets will always go up and down but investing consistently, with a long-term view, will pay off!

In addition to this, diversify your investments; the best way to protect yourself against risk, be it investing in stocks, shares, property, pension etc.

7. Diversify Your Income

As with investments, you should equally manage risk across your income streams.  If you work in the corporate world, the reality is nobody is irreplaceable.  You may currently be working a corporate job and starting your own business, with the plan to leave your main job behind, this will spread the risk as you are building up your own nest egg for the future, alongside your ‘safe’ income.

Equally, if you have your own business and work solely in that, look at your revenue streams.

Are you covering a sufficient client base?  Do people have different price options, meaning you are catering to different levels of affordability?  Is there another arm to your business or could you start one?

Look at ways to reduce your income tax, for example investing in pension schemes for example are pre-tax and therefore reduce your taxable income.

I would highly recommend setting up a personal and a business budget and review both of these monthly.  Be critical of yourself…where did you overspend?  Where did you underspend?  How could you improve your spending next month?  Are you investing in the right areas for right now in your business?


Remember, becoming financially free isn’t easy so you have to have a detailed plan and you must have the commitment to stick to it.  Use the above to help you and remember, you will get there, as long as you don’t give up….it’s a marathon, not a sprint!

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About the Author:

7 tips for achieving financial freedom and working SMART so that you don't waste another day of your life!As a Business & Success Coach, who is also a Global Management Accountant, with more than 10 years experience across leading global brands and in the entrepreneurial world (it’s fair to say I know a few things about running, growing and selling businesses!).

I have picked up some incredible methods, hints and tricks along the way, which I want to use to enable and empower others to have a successful business of their own. So many of us want and desire the same things but feel embarrassed or guilty about it but why should we; more of us need to realise that these things are not out of our reach and we really can have it all!

The reality is that starting your own business is tough and it requires a lot of hard work; I am here to tell you that aren’t on your own and to support and challenge you along the way. If I can help you unlock your potential, help prevent your making mistakes and educate you along the way, then I can help you accelerate your business and lifestyle growth and achieve the success you have always dreamed of!

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