9 Tips for Designing Killer Infographics

As the internet continues to become a more visual platform, content marketers are seeking out new and better ways to display their content with images. In fact, because of the way that we as humans process information, the less text that is used the better. That is why infographic use has increased by 800% in recent years.

When used correctly infographics can be a powerful method of sharing a message, driving traffic, obtaining leads, and establishing authority. They are not limited to one specific area or industry. Infographics can be created based on any topic.

An infographic can be very powerful but it needs to be done correctly in order to achieve the maximum benefit. The last thing you want is for a simple mistake to derail the grand plans you had for your brand new infographic. Here are 9 tips to ensure this doesn’t happen and guarantee you design a killer infographic.

1. Start with your Target Audience in Mind

The idea behind your infographic is really the most important part of the graphic. The best way to choose this topic is to identify what your target audience wants. If the people you want to engage with your graphic do not care about the information you are presenting your infographic won’t get many views.

If you want people to see and share your graphic you have to give them what they want. Start by identifying who your audience is and then identify topics that would be of interest to them. Try not to make the topic too broad or generic. Really focus in on something that is specific and relevant.

2. Make your Infographic as Simple as Possible

Infographics are meant to display complex information in a simple visual form. However, you still need to be careful with this. If you make the graphic too complex it will overload your target audience and it will not be effective.

Infographics are better when they are kept simple. You want people to be able to quickly understand the main ideas. More complex topics can always be broken up into multiple infographics!

3. Keep your Infographic Focused

One of the ways to make sure your infographic is simple is to keep it focused. That is also why it should be specific. You do not want to list a multitude of disconnected facts and figures. Your infographic should feel streamlined and focused on one specific topic.

It is always better to make one strong point than to try to throw the kitchen sink into the graphic. Remember, you can always create more infographics, which is also a better strategy for continuing to produce valuable content.

4. Make it Easy on the Eye

Your infographic should be focused on readability. Make sure that the images and text are large enough to easily see and not in fonts that strain the eyes. You can use different sizes and fonts but make sure that all of them are easily readable. People will not share graphics that are hard to view.

5. Keep the Length and Size Reasonable

Infographics are designed to be big. However, there is such a thing as too big. People need to be able to easily view it on a normal computer screen. Most experts recommend that you limit the length of your infographic to 8,000 pixels to keep your viewers’ attention.

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6. Write a Catchy Headline

Do not underestimate how important your infographic’s headline is. Think of it like any other type of title similar to a book, article, or movie. The title creates interest and draws attention. If you do not have a good headline your infographic will suffer.

Your headline should describe your infographic, grab attention, and be as short as feasible. You do not want to sabotage a great infographic with a poor title.

7. Tell a Flowing Story

Your infographic should have a logical flow. It should tell a story. This means the graphic should seamlessly move from one phase to another. It should connect the dots of a larger picture and integrate one simple and focused idea.

This is why an infographic script is so important. A good script is the difference between taking viewers through a relevant thought process and throwing a bunch of statistics and other information into an image.

8. Use Accurate Facts and Figures

Most infographics present data that support the main point of the story. This is a very effective tactic. It is easier for the human brain to process this type of information visually than when presented as raw text. It also is easier to remember.

However, you will use all credibility if your data is not accurate. This means that the statistics should be true, your sources should be reliable, and your graphic should reflect what the actual data says.

You always should double check and research to make sure that the information you are presenting is reliable.

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9. List your Sources

If you are presenting information as a fact you need to cite where you got that information. This adds credibility and weight to what you are presenting.

You also should make sure that your sources are as recent as possible. Old statistics will always carry less weight. For example, statistics from a decade ago are probably not significant for many industries.

You can cite your sources throughout the graphic or at the end. Choose the method that is better for the flow and visual presentation of your infographic.


An infographic can be a powerful tool. However, simple mistakes can derail a graphic and prevent it from achieving its full potential. If you keep these 9 tips in mind you will be able to design a killer infographic and ensure that your time and effort are not wasted.

Kelly Jane
Kelly Jane
Kelly is PeoplePerHour marketing expert. She has a wealth of experience in digital and social media marketing. As a freelancer, she has been committed in helping small businesses grow by offering them agile and result-driven marketing services.
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