Employment Dispute- Complaint to regulatory Body

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* On the fringe of a legal dispute with my employer (a bank) after I was unlawfully terminated
*My employer (the bank) is currently under investigation by the regulatory body
*I was given a compulsory vacation letter (by the bank) since I am directly related to the CEO in question.
*My rights and employment benefits under that letter were fully granted at least until the regulatory body concludes its investigations.
*The employer decided to terminate me as per a clause in my employment contract where it is stated that both parties can terminate the contract post the probation period.
*My rights within the compulsory vacation letter were dismissed
*I got in touch with the regulatory body but they are yet to response and take the necessary actions.
The task is that I want to send a letter to the regulatory body, urging them to (i) take the necessary actions as soon as possible through using arguments within the regulators own written laws (ii) Making arguments that I WAS being treated in a discriminatory manner solely because I am related to the CEO and was unfairly dismissed.
Further information shall be provided.

Clarification Board

  • Rosamund S.


    As a HR Manager I can advise that if you believe you have a claim for unfair dismissal, you should submit a grievance to the company you were dismissed from, as it is my assumption that the regulatory body will not be investigating employment relations. If they do not respond or deal with your complaint, then you have a right to submit a claim to tribunal.

    I hope that is helpful