Sofia M.

Sofia M.

Graphic Design, illustration and infographics. Web Design, UI and UX Design. Designer, Writer, and Illustrator.

My NDA work (majority) does not appear in my portfolio.
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Game elements design

I can resize 100 images

I can resize 100 images

  • Posted: 2 Jul 2014
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Hi Sofia, it's a redesign of the homepage of a website

The screens with the keyboard for the Mathlab Arithmetics app for android cellphones

Some more design work for the epic challenge!

Home page design, logo

The Icon for the "Mathlab Arithmetics" app


  • Samby Sam B. United Kingdom
  • Posted: 6 Mar 2014
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Simple illustration graphic for a business communication

  • Zakby Zak C. United Kingdom
  • Posted: 7 Mar 2014
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