• Gary T.
    Gary T. United Kingdom
  • Proposals18
Per Hour $73/hr


  • CCM U.
    CCM U. United Kingdom
  • Proposals2
Per Hour $10/hr

Telesales trainer

  • Allan M.
    Allan M. United Kingdom
  • Proposals5
Fixed Price $$$

Telesale marketing

  • Lisa W.
    Lisa W. United Kingdom
  • Proposals27
Per Hour $22/hr

Telesales Script for SEO Company

  • Ashley V.
    Ashley V. United Kingdom
  • Proposals3
Fixed Price $73

Telesales and New Business

  • Andrew P.
    Andrew P. United Kingdom
  • Proposals11
Per Hour $$$


  • LARA G.
    LARA G. United Kingdom
  • Proposals12
Per Hour $12/hr

Telesales, lead generation

  • Sam H.
    Sam H. United Kingdom
  • Proposals8
Fixed Price $$

Appointment Generator / telesales ICG Urgent

  • Dom B.
    Dom B. United Kingdom
  • Proposals6
Per Hour $$$

Telesales role in finance industry

  • Adam S.
    Adam S. United Kingdom
  • Proposals10
Per Hour $10/hr

Telesales / appointment setting Urgent

  • Ken S.
    Ken S. United Kingdom
  • Proposals10
Fixed Price $218

Telesales / appointment maker

  • William M.
    William M. United Kingdom
  • Proposals9
Per Hour $15/hr

Lead generation telesales and emailing

  • Keily A.
    Keily A. United Kingdom
  • Proposals2
Fixed Price $29

I need a telesales person Urgent

  • Ravi K.
    Ravi K. United Kingdom
  • Proposals7
Per Hour $$

In-house Telesales Support

  • Tom W.
    Tom W. United Kingdom
  • Be the first
Per Hour $$$

4 x Telesales 'Closers' Urgently Required Urgent

  • Ian S.
    Ian S. United Kingdom
  • Proposals9
Per Hour $20/hr

Experienced Business to Business Telesales Guru Needed Urgent

  • Jimi O.
    Jimi O. Nigeria
  • Proposals11
Per Hour $$

20 hours a week - Telesales/Appointment Maker

  • AZIM D.
    AZIM D. United Kingdom
  • Proposals9
Fixed Price $204

Telemarketing / telesales support for Gloucestershire based business

  • Brooke C.
    Brooke C. United Kingdom
  • Proposals3
Fixed Price $$

Telesales - cold calling for Financial Services Company

  • Michael B.
    Michael B. Ireland
  • Proposals2
Per Hour $11/hr