I need a sales person to help sell products (will need to learn catalog)

  • Polly N.
    Polly N. United States
  • Proposal1
Per Hour $10/hr
Per Hour $12/hr
Fixed Price $31
Fixed Price $$

Well written A5 leaflet to generate sales leads for small estate agency

  • Alex D.
    Alex D. United Kingdom
  • Proposals6
Fixed Price $$

Ppc google adwords editing to gain a target of 10 sales/orders per week

  • P P.
    P P. United States
  • Proposals22
Fixed Price $$

Need a sales rep who is available to make calls regularly, Monday through Friday Urgent

  • Tabitha N.
    Tabitha N. United States
  • Proposals14
Fixed Price $400

Update university lecturer CV

  • Sales M.
    Sales M. United Arab Emirates
  • Proposals9
Fixed Price $$$
Fixed Price $

Appointments for Short Let Property Management business

Fixed Price $$

I need telesales people to work alongside us on a few campaigns

Per Hour $11/hr

I need a professional mobile app created

  • Emmanuel A.
    Emmanuel A. Nigeria
  • Proposals10
Fixed Price $$

Online Web Chat

  • Roy R.
    Roy R. India
  • Proposals14
Per Hour $10/hr

Salesforce Support

  • Chris R.
    Chris R. United Kingdom
  • Proposals12
Per Hour $$

I need someone experienced in Workbooks CRM to implement and populate the CRM Urgent

  • Andre L.
    Andre L. Ireland
  • Proposals5
Fixed Price $$

Language translation

  • Wasim K.
    Wasim K. United Kingdom
  • Proposals17
Fixed Price $39

Film Lawyer

  • Steven F.
    Steven F. United Kingdom
  • Proposals4
Fixed Price $310


  • Steve M.
    Steve M. United Kingdom
  • Proposals4
Per Hour $11/hr

Professional website upgrade, mobile site creation

  • Jesse S.
    Jesse S. Canada
  • Proposals12
Fixed Price $$