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I need a tele sales person who has experience in the medical/hospital field

  • Ross B.
    Ross B. United Kingdom
  • Proposals11
Per Hour $$

I need Guestposts High DA sites with high traffic

  • Links S.
    Links S. Philippines
  • Proposals5
Fixed Price $50

Website - content & setting for available template

  • Sales M.
    Sales M. United Arab Emirates
  • Proposal1
Fixed Price $$$

Illustration of makeup application

Fixed Price $44
Fixed Price $$

HR/recruiting psychologist specialist to test applicants

  • Janka A.
    Janka A. Denmark
  • Proposals5
Fixed Price $100

Amazon International FBA expert

  • Darrian L.
    Darrian L. United Kingdom
  • Proposals4
Per Hour $$

1 Linkedin Account Management and Lead Gen

  • George T.
    George T. United Kingdom
  • Proposals8
Fixed Price $145

Market Research - Foot/car based Data capturing for Properties

  • Jodie S.
    Jodie S. United Kingdom
  • Proposals3
Fixed Price $

Set my 8 months company accounts using quickbooks

  • Leena J.
    Leena J. United Kingdom
  • Proposals16
Fixed Price $$

Social media and related internet marketing for start up

  • Matt G.
    Matt G. Thailand
  • Proposals22
Per Hour $$

Professional photographer for house interior/exterior

  • Aisha K.
    Aisha K. United Kingdom
  • Proposals3
Fixed Price $$

Sage50 application

  • Barry H.
    Barry H. United States
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Fixed Price $$

Marketing of books by indie author

  • Barry C.
    Barry C. France
  • Proposals6
Fixed Price $$

Reassess adword campaign

  • Sheena H.
    Sheena H. Ireland
  • Proposals8
Fixed Price $85

Telesales - Lead Generation - Printer ink and toner supplies

  • Katrina W.
    Katrina W. United Kingdom
  • Proposals5
Fixed Price $218

Wedding stationery website setup

  • Vicky B.
    Vicky B. United Kingdom
  • Proposals35
Fixed Price $$

Graphic design

  • Tejal V.
    Tejal V. United Kingdom
  • Proposals19
Fixed Price $145