Data Entry Into Excel

  • Marc S.
    Marc S. United Kingdom
  • Proposals5
Budget -

Airline Frequent Flier

  • Alicia B.
    Alicia B. United States
  • Proposal1
Budget $75

Copy 100 2nd hand ads to 19 other 2nd hand websites in Belgium

  • Bart D.
    Bart D. Belgium
  • Proposals14
Budget $100

PA, Admin and writing position

  • Miranda A.
    Miranda A. United Kingdom
  • Proposals3
Budget $12/hr

Outbound Caller

  • Kristi A.
    Kristi A. United States
  • Proposals5
Budget $10/hr


  • Stephard K.
    Stephard K. United States
  • Proposals39
Budget $600

Digitise pages of a book into Powerpoint, Word and PDF files.

  • Daniel F.
    Daniel F. United Kingdom
  • Proposals7
Budget $74

Data Input - Use google to fill in a spreadsheet of data.

  • Daniel D.
    Daniel D. United Kingdom
  • Proposals40
Budget $30

Assistant to support with research, negotiating, booking, school exchanges

  • Thomas C.
    Thomas C. United States
  • Proposals3
Budget $9/hr

Data Processing

  • Kerri D.
    Kerri D. United Kingdom
  • Proposals30
Budget $9/hr

Transcription job URGENT

  • Mohan R.
    Mohan R. India
  • Proposals6
Budget $15/hr

I need an Administrative Assistant

  • George S.
    George S. United States
  • Proposals20
Budget $400

Need personal manager

  • Cathy S.
    Cathy S. United Kingdom
  • Proposals25
Budget $1.4k

Operations assistant / marketing assistant

  • Jorge P.
    Jorge P. United Kingdom
  • Proposals8
Budget -

I need virtual assistant

  • Michael C.
    Michael C. United Kingdom
  • Proposals36
Budget $868

Professional Excel template to show the statistics

  • Charlina A.
    Charlina A. United Kingdom
  • Proposals8
Budget $11


  • Alexa C.
    Alexa C. United States
  • Proposals4
Budget -

Music database converted into reckordbox software

  • Edwin C.
    Edwin C. United Kingdom
  • Proposals6
Budget $18/hr

Manage forex accounts with full training provided

  • Kashem A.
    Kashem A. United Kingdom
  • Proposals3
Budget -