Business card amendment

  • Nicola F.
    Nicola F. United Kingdom
  • Proposals13
Fixed Price $29

I need three -3D- interior renderings of a commercial space

  • Rosangel E.
    Rosangel E. United Kingdom
  • Proposals10
Fixed Price $$

Write an Ebook on the Top 10 Marketing Tips for Retailers

  • Mindy P.
    Mindy P. United Kingdom
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Fixed Price $15

Article writing

  • Robin H.
    Robin H. Bangladesh
  • Proposals2
Fixed Price $400

2 Image edit low resolution to high resolution

  • Jahidul A.
    Jahidul A. Bangladesh
  • Proposals2
Fixed Price $10
Fixed Price $59

Simple shop cart for website

  • Roy H.
    Roy H. United Kingdom
  • Proposals11
Fixed Price $$

I need a professional wedding photographer

  • Dora P.
    Dora P. United Kingdom
  • Proposals4
Fixed Price $$$

Gaming team logo

  • Jamie R.
    Jamie R. United Kingdom
  • Proposals8
Fixed Price $$

I need someone to install facebook pixels on my shopify store

  • Denis O.
    Denis O. United Kingdom
  • Proposal1
Fixed Price $10

E-learning content development

  • Gabriel K.
    Gabriel K. United Kingdom
  • Proposals3
Per Hour $

Windows installer for Dragon NaturallySpeaking Vocabulary List

  • Niels L.
    Niels L. United Kingdom
  • Proposal1
Fixed Price $$

Photobooth Website

  • Jamie M.
    Jamie M. United Kingdom
  • Proposals9
Fixed Price $$

Animated intro needed

  • Kelly O.
    Kelly O. United Kingdom
  • Proposals5
Fixed Price $$

App for Entertainment Media

  • Fiona W.
    Fiona W. United States
  • Proposals5
Per Hour $$$

Modify HTML5 web game Pre-Funded

  • Pedro M.
    Pedro M. United Kingdom
  • Proposals4
Fixed Price $35

I need to cache images to prevent memory exceptions

  • Joshua A.
    Joshua A. United Kingdom
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Fixed Price $29

Some one to help with PR for launching an app

  • Ben A.
    Ben A. United Kingdom
  • Proposal1
Per Hour $$

Install WordPress theme and Demo Content ASAP

  • Tom A.
    Tom A. United Kingdom
  • Proposals17
Fixed Price $29

Backend to manage registrants to a dance event

  • Basiltap G.
    Basiltap G. Spain
  • Proposal1
Fixed Price $$